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Describe Your Vision in Plain English, and Craft a Professional PRD

Signlz is designed for product professionals to help them kickstart their product innovation journey! Creating a PRD has never been this effortless.

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Signlz AI PRD Generation
Diagram showing effortless transfer of PRDs from Signlz into Notion and Confluence

Effortlessly Transfer

Easily copy and paste your PRDs into tools like Notion and Confluence, while maintaining the formatting intact.

Automatically break down specs into Epics, Stories, and Sub-tasks.

Just provide your PRD or feature, and watch as our AI turns it into a list of tasks. This helps you organize and get started on making your product a reality.

Task break down by Signlz AI

Why Choose Signlz Over ChatGPT?

Consistency and Structure

ChatGPT is versatile but can produce varying outputs without meticulous guidance. Signlz ensures consistent, well-structured PRDs tailored to your specific needs.

Specialized Knowledge Base

Unlike general text generators, Signlz is a knowledge base tool incorporating handpicked product management frameworks and templates.

Break Down PRDs into Epics, Stories, and Sub-tasks

Take your PRD to the next level by automatically breaking it down into detailed user stories, complete with requirements and acceptance criteria.

Seamless Jira Integration

Push your user stories and requirements directly to the backlog and streamline your product development process.

teammates discussing a project

Our Mission

With over a decade of experience in product landscapes, we embarked on a mission to close the entire cycle of Discovery, Delivery, and Tracking.

Step-by-step we'll introduces tools for market and competitor analysis, ideation, feature prioritization, and data analytics.

What's Next: Upcoming Releases

Collaborate with Breeze

Share your PRD, TS, and all project details with your clients and your team. This collaboration allows you to create all the necessary and polished requirements before proceeding with the build.

Automated Feature Prioritization

We'll analyze your product goals to recommend the optimal order of tasks, leveraging techniques like SWOT analysis, MoSCoW prioritization, and Opportunity Scoring to streamline your decision-making process.

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