FAQs About Signlz

We've gathered answers to frequently asked questions to dispel your uncertainties.

What is Signlz?

Signlz is AI-powered product management tool. With a single prompt and just a few clicks, you can effortlessly create your Product Requirements Document (PRD), detailed technical specifications, and related tasks. Plus, seamlessly transfer this valuable data to your preferred task management tool. Signlz streamlines your product management journey, making it easier than ever to bring your ideas to life.

What solutions does Signlz offer?

AI-Powered PRD Creation: Signlz leverages artificial intelligence to generate detailed Product Requirements Documents (PRDs) from a single prompt. This feature saves you time and effort by automating the document creation process.

Technical Specifications: It provides you with technical specifications, ensuring that your product's technical details are well-documented and easily accessible.

User-Friendly Editing: Signlz allows you to edit and fine-tune your PRDs and technical specification documents, making it user-centric and adaptable to your specific needs.

Task Management Integration: You can seamlessly transfer the tasks generated by Signlz to your preferred task management tool, promoting efficient task tracking and project management.

How is Signlz priced?

Signlz offers simple, flexible pricing tailored for product people and startups.
We offer Starter (100 Credits) and Pro (625 Credits) Pack. Starter pack allows you to generate PRD, its technical specification and sub-tasks for 2 Projects. Pro Pack is for 12 Projects.

How credits are being calculated?

With Signlz, generating PRDs, technical specifications, and tasks consumes 10 credits per request. If you only need to rephrase a paragraph in your document, it will cost you just 2 credits, making it a more economical choice."

Can I try Signlz before purchasing a plan?

Absolutely! We offer a free plan where you get 100 Credits, that allows you to experience the full potential of Signlz Product Studio without any obligations.

Are the credits one-time purchases?

Yes, the credits are one-time purchases that you can use whenever you need. There's no subscription commitment – you decide when to top up.

How long are my credits valid for?

Your credits have no expiration date – they'll remain in your account until you use them. This gives you the flexibility to use them whenever you have a project in mind.