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APR 10, 2024

What Does a Product Manager Do

Modern product managers are multidisciplinary individuals who wear many hats, requiring a diverse skill set to navigate in the complex world of product development.

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
Signlz vs ChatGPT
DEC 14, 2023

Signlz AI vs ChatGPT

Product development is a complex and demanding process. Product managers and executives face numerous challenges, including...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
DEC 05, 2023

Signlz Product Studio: Beta

Bringing something new to the table is always challenging, but we unlock new heights with Signlz AI's new release...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
Team working on task decomposition for backlog.
NOV 29, 2023

How to break down Product Requirements into User Stories and Tasks.

Agile product development thrives on the ability to transform high-level requirements into actionable tasks...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
Team mates discussing product details
NOV 22, 2023

How to Write Good Product Requirements: Leveraging AI

A well written PRD is more than a document, it is a key element of success...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
Signlz Product Studio Initial Release
NOV 15, 2023

Signlz Product Studio:
Alpha Version

We are excited to announce the alpha release of our groundbreaking tool...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
Team working on sprint planning and prioritizing the tickets.
PRODUCT Management
SEP 14, 2023

Demystifying Product Prioritization Frameworks

Various frameworks have been introduced to streamline this process, each with its unique perspective.

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
Serving a bar chart as a symbol of data analytics democratization.
AUG 16, 2023

Breaking Down Knowledge Monopolies

Why data democratization is essential for innovation, growth, and...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
woman explaining key business metrics for startups by drawing a line chart on the flip-board
Analytics, Management
JUL 27, 2023

Key Business Metrics You Should Know as a Startup Founder

There are many business KPIs that can be used to track the success of your...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
team members looking at the computer screen
Team, Management
JUL 11, 2023

The Importance of Team Alignment in Business

Strong strategic alignment is a key differentiator between...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
two women drinking coffee and talking at workplace
Team, Leadership
JUN 14, 2023

How to Push Your Team to Get the Most Out of It

Good leaders know that success hinges on a great team. Help your team...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer
woman at office planning a product MVP and taking notes
Strategy, Process
JUN 01, 2023

What You Should Do Before Building Out an MVP

As Steve Bank said, estimating market size helps determine whether...

Arto Baghdasaryan. Product Designer