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How credits are being calculated?

With Signlz, generating PRDs, technical specifications, and tasks consumes 10 credits per request. If you only need to rephrase a paragraph in your document, it will cost you just 2 credits, making it a more economical choice."

Can I try Signlz before purchasing a plan?

Absolutely! We offer a free plan where you get 100 Credits, that allows you to experience the full potential of Signlz Product Studio without any obligations.

Are the credits one-time purchases?

Yes, the credits are one-time purchases that you can use whenever you need. There's no subscription commitment – you decide when to top up.

How long are my credits valid for?

Your credits have no expiration date – they'll remain in your account until you use them. This gives you the flexibility to use them whenever you have a project in mind.

What happens if my credits run out mid-project?

If your credits run low while you're in the middle of a project, don't worry! You can quickly top up your credits and continue seamlessly.

Can I get a refund for unused credits?

Refunds for unused credits are generally not provided, as we offer an initial 100 credits for free to ensure your satisfaction with the product. However, if you encounter technical issues or have a unique situation, please contact for assistance.